How to design your Biolink

This article shows you the most basic way to customize your Biolink.

Of course, you can go advance with your imagination. Your creativity is the only limit.

First, login to your account and create a Biolink.

Useful articles:
How to create an account.
How to create a Biolink.

Second, upload your profile photo or logo by clicking the camera icon.

Your photo/logo will be automatically displayed in the preview page.

Next, give your Biolink page a new tittle. Anything will do. Couldn’t figure out one? Just type @yourname if you are confused.

Some inspirations:
– Brand‘s Official page
– Name’s Cool Links
– Brand‘s Catalog
– etc.

Type in some description about you, about your brand, about your product, or about your Biolink page itself.

To make your Biolink page look even cooler, enable the Display Verified Checkmark option.

Customize the default text colour and Background. Default text colour is white, click it to reveal the colour picker tool.

Now let’s customize the the background. There are 4 (four) types of background style you can choose: Preset, Custom Gradient, Custom Colour, and Custom Image.

Preset – Choose one from 6 available presets which all of them are gradient colour combination.

Custom Gradient – Choose your own colour combination for the gradient. Create the gradient style yourself.

Custom Color – Choose only one colour. If you prefer a single colour background instead of gradient one.

Custom Image – Upload your own image to use as a background instead of just colour.

Next after that, you’ll find various options. You can customize all of them for advance features, or you can simply leave it as it is.

Click the Update button to save changes.

At this point, the Biolink page looks like this:

What’s next? You can start adding the links to be displayed on your Biolink page.

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