How to Add Links on Your Biolink

Now you have a Biolink page powered by CODE.MY.ID, it’s time to add links you want to show them off on your Biolink page.

Ready? Go!

First, register for an account here if you haven’t.

Second, log in to your account.

Third, create your Bio link.

Next, design your bio link page as your liking.

Now click Links tab.

From there, you can see a default link has been created.

Click the three dots option then click Edit.

Enter the Destination URL, which is the link of where visitors head to when they click it. Replace default one ( with your own.

Optionally, you can also schedule when the link will go live.

Give the link a name which is the text displayed on your Bio link button. Here’s a nice example:

You can also (optionally) add Image Thumbnail URL. You can use free image hosting to upload your picture. You can also use your product’s photo URL if you have.

It looks like this:

If you don’t have any picture for the thumbnail, you can also opt to use icons by FontAwesome. Visit FontAwesome v4 Icons Gallery and choose one.

Copy the code:

And paste it there:

Choose the text colour by clicking the colour picker tool. This will change the text colour displayed on the button.

Also choose the background colour to change the default button colour.

You can also activate the Outline option. This will make the button background transparent.

There are 3 (three) Border Radius options to choose for: Straight, Round, and Rounded. See examples below.




Finally, you can also choose to use Animation effect.

There are 8 (eight) animations applicable to your links: bounce, tada, wobble, swing, shake, rubberBand, pulse, and flash.

Please remember. While using animation can make your link stand out, it is preferable to use it only on one link (or two).

Using animation on all of your links will make your users confused.

Click Update button to save changes.

What’s next? You can add more links by clicking the Create button and follow similar steps above.

Should you have any questions please contact us.

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